Author: CCWR

Chicago Community and Workers’ Rights (CCWR) is an organization led by workers for workers, regardless of immigration status, dedicated to educating, building leadership, and gathering resources in order to develop organizing tools and collective strategies of resistance against labor rights abuses, towards just living conditions for our families.


El salario mínimo en la ciudad de Chicago aumentará a $13.00 por hora a partir del 1ro de Julio del 2019, pero continuará siendo de $12 dólares por hora  hasta el 30 de Junio del 2018. Esta ley es solo para quienes trabajan en Chicago y no cubre a los trabajadores de los suburbios. (En el Condado de Cook los salarios también cambiarán a partir del Iro de Julio del 2019 a $12 por hora. El salario actual y hasta el 30 de Junio del 2019 será de $11.00 por hora en las ciudades que no optaron por votar en contra del aumento, para más detalles puede  ver el artículo correspondiente) (more…)

What is the Future of Food Policy in Chicago?

Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot campaigned on a promise to “Bring in the Light,” positioning herself as a progressive candidate who would uplift all Chicagoans. Prior to the runoff, the Chicago Food Policy Action Council (CFPAC) asked both candidates where they stood on food justice issues that impact Chicago’s communities. In response to the eight detailed questions in the CFPAC questionnaire, Lightfoot simply responded “yes.”

The Weekly asked our future mayor to go beyond “yes” and to explain how she planned to fulfill her commitments to the eight food policy issues identified in the questionnaire. A representative from Lightfoot’s transition team declined to comment, but did state that Lightfoot’s “policy teams are working diligently digging into the City’s most pressing issues, [including] food accessibility.”