Staff & Leadership

Three main groups and the Executive Director carry out CCWR’s decisions about campaigns and its daily operations:

  1. CCWR Staff and Volunteers,
  2. The Community Defenders core group, and
  3. The Board of Directors.

All of these groups are primarily composed of workers that CCWR has helped fight for better working conditions and for their jobs.

Currently CCWR has about 14 Community Defenders who are able to lend their support to other workers and, along with the Executive Director.

The governing body of the organization is the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors, along with the Executive Director, meets every 3 months to discuss projects to pursue, fundraising matters, and to go over CCWR policies. It is made up of 6 people, four of whom are workers CCWR has worked with and two that come from outside the organization. According to CCWR structure, there must always be one more worker than outside board member.

Martin Unzueta
Martin Unzueta, Executive Director, founder of CCWR. Unzueta coordinates the work of the staff, represents the organization with different coalitions, works with the Board of Directors, volunteers and staff to develop strategic plans for the organization, organizes trainings and collects / creates educational materials, supports workers who are organizing in his workplace, he promotes the development of worker cooperatives. Unzueta has been involved in the fight for workers’ rights and the rights of immigrants for more than 20 years.

Fernando Huerta
Fernando Huerta, a staff member who was a volunteer and is co-founder of the organization since it was formed in 2009, collaborates with the organization’s staff in conducting community advocacy workshops and community workshops. Huerta follows up and supports people who have cases for having suffered a workplace injury. He also has experience working with worker cooperatives, so he supports the work of cooperatives that the organization develops.

Abraham Uriel Ramirez
Abraham Uriel Ramirez is a full-time staff member at Chicago Community and Workers’ Rights, working as our Housing Education Program Coordinator. Prior to this position, Abraham Uriel joined CCWR as a volunteer, helping the organization with our social media and website needs. He is a Google for Education certified technology instructor, journalist, audio and video producer, web designer, and joined Chicago Community and Workers’ Rights because he was interested in the struggle for workers and immigrant rights.

Rosi Carrasco
Rosi Carrasco, a full-time staff member, started as a volunteer, coordinates, advertises and creates the content for the weekly workshops: “Know your rights” and trainings for community defenders, helps to follow up the cases of workers and represents the organization in different coalitions. Carrasco also trains staff and volunteers on immigration issues. Carrasco has played key roles in mobilizations for immigrant rights in Chicago and nationwide, including the mass demonstrations in Chicago in 2006 and 2007.

Monica Alvarez
Monica Alvarez is a writer and creative from the Far South Side of Chicago who is passionate about working with nonprofit organizations that help empower under-resourced, diverse communities. She is working with Chicago Community and Workers’ Rights full-time as a Development and Communications Coordinator.