CCWR’s vision is a community where worker’s rights are respected, including earning a living-wage and having medical benefits; where labor laws are just and followed by employers and companies; where unions and labor rights organizations are worker-led, and have the resources and power to keep government and industry accountable; where independent, working collectives and worker-owned businesses are able to thrive and are respected; and where all communities, including immigrant communities, have full rights and access to opportunities, in order to be able to fully contribute to a more just society.

In order to work towards that goal CCWR provides workers with access to education/training about labor rights combined with the long term-goal of creating spaces for workers to share their experiences in organizing at their workplaces and collaborate with other workers in supporting their struggles at work. The more workers that know their rights and have access to a network of support the better they will be able to defend their rights collectively and fight for better working conditions for themselves and their co-workers.

CCWR also provides emergency support for workers in crisis, helping them to identify labor and health violations in their workplaces, helping them to document and file charges –including wage theft, non paid overtime, harassment claims, etc.­– connecting them with lawyers and other services needed, and helping them organize a long-term campaign if they consider it necessary resulting in paid back wages, overtime, etc. and directly benefiting families in the communities we work with.

In the long-term, CCWR seeks to support the self-determination of workers, trough the creation of worker-owned collectives and businesses, and the development of sustainable worker-led community organizations to create communities with self-sustaining employment that control and create the opportunities available for its members and other members of society. CCWR also plans to work on the development of its staff, members and volunteers to be better able to increase its capacity in working and collaborating with more members of different communities.